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Top 3 Ways Office Furniture Can Boost Productivity of Your Workforce

Most people are in the office for around 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. As employees spend such a long time in the workplace and as the success of the business is dependent on their productivity, maximising comfort in the office should be a top priority for all employers and their HR departments. Happy staff are productive staff: spending hours sat facing a computer in a cheap office chair does nothing for boosting morale, but high quality office furniture does.


Here are 3 ways that office furniture can contribute towards a more productive workforce.


1. Storage Units, Filing Cabinets & Desk Tidies for Better Organisation


Staff perform at their optimum level when they're not distracted. Having a tidy, uncluttered workspace is the key to ensuring that workers can focus on their tasks and deliver quality results. If all their important paperwork is stored tidily in an organised fashion, they will spend less time looking for what they need (time that can be better spent doing other work). Storage units with multiple compartments can be used to neatly divide all work documents, filing cabinets are perfect for swiftly finding paperwork and desk tidies are great at keeping everything at arm’s length, without cluttering the desk. Desks with inbuilt storage can also be purchased for each staff member which will enable them to organise their personal work spaces in a way that suits them.


2. Quality Office Chairs to Support Staff When Working 


All employers should make the comfort of their staff a priority. If employees are forced to sit in awkward positions that cause aches and stiffness, this discomfort will become a distraction and inhibit them from working to the best of their ability. Discomfort results in lethargy and demotivation which is why employers must invest in providing top of the range office chairs. A quality office chair will prevent staff from sitting uncomfortably, straining to type or see their screens: thereby improving productivity and reducing the likelihood of them sustaining an injury that could lead to time off work. 


3. Vibrant Colour Schemes & Office Plants for Stimulation


People are inspired and stimulated by their surroundings. Sometimes when staff members are having a bad day, feeling demotivated or unable to work, they can feel revitalised and energised by what's around them. Adopting a vibrant colour scheme that reflects your brand is an effective way of adding a bit of vivacity and life to your office environment. Plants, even artificial ones, can sometimes make mundane tasks seem a bit less dull. They help improve air quality, create a pleasant working environment and are even proven to reduce the stress levels of workers.

A comfy, organised and aesthetically pleasing office space will help ensure that your workforce is relaxed and ready for work. The Office Furniture Group offer a range of office furniture solutions that has something to suit all styles, budgets and office sizes. Browse our products here.

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